Divorce Consulting

Divorce Consulting and Flat Fee Billing

Michelle provides sound legal advice to those contemplating or experiencing divorce, and offers smart, innovative solutions to maximize your recovery, improve your experience and reduce legal fees. She also shares her insights into and knowledge of each facet of the Indiana divorce process to guide you through this difficult time based on your unique needs and circumstances. Meetings with her, whether in person or by video conferencing, are strictly private and confidential.

If you cannot afford, or feel it unnecessary, to pay a divorce attorney a large retainer for representation, Michelle offers various services for a flat fee. The services include things like assisting with document preparation and filing, preparing you for a deposition, mediation, settlement conference, or a hearing at court. She may also outline possible property settlement scenarios with you and help you create a marital balance sheet showing a fair property distribution and asset award.

For a list of flat fee services, please contact the office.